Complete 6 Short Disc Posts

Complete Discussions Below:

Disc 1:

If you had to coach a fellow employee or student on creating an effective PowerPoint,

  • What would be your top three tips? Why?
  • What would you tell him or her to avoid?

Disc 2:

Throughout this course, you have covered 11 sections of the textbook and completed over 150 math problems! For this discussion board assignment, select one skill or concept you have learned in Units I–VII, and explain it to the class in your own words. In addition to your explanation, provide an example with computation or describe how this concept can be utilized in the real world

Disc 3:

Discuss victimless crimes, and provide an example. Do you think these crimes are truly victimless? Why, or why not?

Disc 4:

Choose an episode of a television show in which a character is sentenced for a crime. Briefly describe the situation and sentence. If you think the outcome is fair, explain why. If not, explain what should have happened.

Disc 5:

Is it fair to identify the actions of the Patriots or Crown (including Loyalists) as the sole reason for the eventual war? Why do you think that?

Disc 6:

Think about an example of a leader (keep the leader’s name anonymous) with whom you have worked with who effectively motivated a team. Why do you think this leader was effective?

Also, provide an example of a leader (keep the leader’s name anonymous) who was ineffective at motivating others. Why do you think this leader was ineffective? Make some suggestions as to how things could have been done differently to make the situation more effective.

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