Composer Research Project on BACH, J. S.

1.When and where was the musician born?

2. What are the names of the musician’s parents, their occupations and any additional facts regarding their role in developing the musician’s musical talent?

3. What are the facts regarding the musician’s general education and musical training?

4. What instrument, or instruments, (include voice) did the musician play?

5. Based on the range of years of the musician’s life and work, to what traditional period of music history does he (or she) belong?

6. What influences (i.e., family members, teachers, or established musicians of the day) helped to shape the musician’s musical work?

7. What kind(s) of music (e.g., chant, opera, oratorio, art song, symphony, etc.) did the musician create over the span of his (or her) career?

8. After listening to one of the musician’s compositions, how would you characterize the music? Include the title of the piece of music that you are discussing and the details that illustrate the musical elements present in the piece (i.e., melody, harmony, rhythm).

9. What is the most significant contribution that the musician has made to the history of music?

10. When did the musician expire? Give specific details regarding the circumstances of the musician’s death?

11. Recount one anecdotal story about the musician’s life or work that you discovered during your research

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