Computer and Database Lab

Computer and Database Lab


Your friend has asked your advice on purchasing a computer for use at their university. It would be used to connect to the school’s website as well as in completing assignments for various classes

Activity 1: Complete Assignment for Using Your Computer

  1. Using either Word or Notepad (under Accessories), briefly describe what type of computer you would recommend, and why. Save your explanation in your Documents directory.
  2. Next, open a window on your computer showing the contents of your Documents folder; click in that display and “copy” it using the Alt-Print Screen keys. Now open a blank Word document and paste the Windows display into it. Save that file in your Documents folder
  3. Upload the two files created above into Moodle.

Activity 2: Computer Hardware

Based on the hardware available in the classroom, either break down and reassemble a computer workstation, or review the hardware components in a workstation provided by the instructor.

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