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  1. Term Paper

At the beginning of the third week, each student is required to select a contemporary American leader, celebrity, or author from a diversity background who must be approved in advance by the instructor no later than September 20, 2016. Students are required to write a five-page report on the person’s experience in navigating his/her life and career, showing how he/she has managed to break beyond the color line. It is required to get the term paper reviewed by the Academic Support Center (Building 39, Room 111) before submission. Both the original and corrected copies, along with the ASC signed forms, shall be given to the instructor on the due date as well as the Academic Support Center’s Form. All reports should be dated on the day of submission. 

The term paper is due on November 3, 2016. The quality of the paper will be determined in terms of: (a) the depth of treatment of the subject; (b) the strength of argument presented, (c) the quality and the style of writing, (d) the types of sources, including books and scholarly articles on the subject used, and (e) conformity to all research rules.

Highlights from the mid-term paper will be presented in class. Each presentation is about 10 minutes and is followed by class discussion. PowerPoint presentation is recommended, but not required.


Please use EASY English

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