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Researchers have projected huge demographic shifts over the next 20 years. By the year 2030, people over age 65 are expected to increase to 72 million, while the people between 20 and 64 will decrease (Kemp, 2012). This trend means that there will be fewer wage earners paying taxes to fund the Medicare system. Public health services aim to improve the population’s health and reduce the need for expensive medical care.

Preventative health care is a huge focus of health care reform. Nurses participate in multiple settings to educate the public to improve the overall health of all Americans.

Health care reform places nurses at the forefront to educate patients about their disease process and care plan, provide thorough discharge and medication instructions, and teach them preventative measures to prevent readmission and ideally to help improve their current health status and overall health. Nurses need to provide patients and their families with the necessary tools to manage their health and to be advocates for themselves. With the emergence of health care reform and the increased number of individuals suffering from chronic conditions like CHF, COPD and diabetes, the role for disease prevention for nurses has amplified. Hospitalized patients may only see their physician for a few minutes each day, so nurses have the primary responsibility to educate and answer questions to ensure they understand their situation. Every moment spent with a patient is an opportunity to teach and educate.

Nurses are needed in leadership roles to drive changes in the political and business world to promote health care reform. Nurses pursuing further education will create a powerful workforce that can help promote health and wellness, and improve our health care system (Campaign for Action, 2016). Patients look to nurses for their knowledge, a huge responsibility and opportunity to help improve the health of our patients and families.

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