Create a hypothetical maximum-security prison environment, assignment help

Create a hypothetical maximum-security prison environment to use as a basis for your answers. The prison may be a state, federal, private, or nonprivate prison.

Assume the role of correctional officers at a maximum-security prison. A university professor has asked you to speak to her class about your experiences as correctional officers. To prepare for the visit, she has sent you the questions that the students will ask you.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word, double spaced paper in which you answer to following questions.

  • How does the prison environment influence the way you ensure security and custody in your prison?
  • What methods of secure custody do you use in your prison?
  • How do you ensure professionalism among the corrections staff?
  • Do you work for a private or nonprivate prison? How do your daily work experiences differ from those of others according to the type of prison you work for?
  • Make sure that you include an introduction, a conclusion, list of references, and reference citations in your text.

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