Criminal Justice System The benefits of Privately Run Facilities

I need a 3-5 page argumentative essay written. I would like the topic to be on the fact that I agree with private prisons or something within the criminal justice field. At least 2 references and APA format please. Class instructions below. No plagiarism please.

you will be writing an argumentative essay on a topic of your choice. The topic you choose must be debatable and you must take a clear stand on one side of the issue. Your topic must also be on a small enough scale that it is appropriately narrow for a 3-5 page essay. Your essay must include a title, an introductory paragraph, which contains your argumentative thesis statement, at least three body paragraphs, which provide support for your argument and a conclusion paragraph. Research from at least two outside sources is required to provide evidence and support for your argument. Research must be cited using APA style. You must include a reference page, which lists the specific sources you used and properly cite the sources within your essay.

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