critical response 6

If you submitted Critical Response #5, you will revise that response in order to improve your writing and analysis. You should start with the feedback I left you for that response and also consider adding in a new example or two now that you are farther along with your reading of Watchmen. You will use underline to demonstrate sentences/ideas/words you changed or added in. You will use strikethrough to demonstrate sentences/ideas/words you plan on taking out. Your new response should be 350-500 words. Include this word count as a 5th line in your heading, and MLA format your document.

If you did not submit Critical Response #5, please review the directions from that assignment below and submit a response.

Critical Response #5 Directions

Now that you have learned how to embed an image in a document, submit a critical response where you practice rhetorically analyzing Watchmen. In this response, submit a “sample” body paragraph for Essay #2, where you choose one rhetorical strategy to analyze, such as: appeal to pathos in order to heighten the readers’ emotions; use of fallacy to help develop a character; use of literary devices, such as symbolism, to help develop the story’s themes; organizational strategies (either in plot or visual panels, or both) to help develop the story line; appeal to logos or ethos to help develop a character; etc. In this body paragraph (150-350 words), include the following:

  • A topic sentence or claim that identifies which strategy is being analyzed and who is responsible (Moore, Gibbons, or Higgins). Highlight this sentence green.
  • At least two examples from the story. One must include an embedded image for reference. For each example, be sure to include a parenthetical citation with Chapter, Page, and Panel numbers. Example: (Chapter III, Page 21, Panels 6-7).
  • For each example, be sure to explain why it represents that rhetorical strategy and whether it was effective and why.

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