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Please do not bid if you are not familiar with a Critical Thinking course. Must be able to identify claims, premises and conclusions of an argument. I excellent with Critical Thinking course, feel free to bid.

Set in antenellum era, the award winning 2012 film Django unchained features a freed slave (Jamie Fox) who travels across the Deep South and old west with a bounty hunter (Christopher Walts) in order to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (Leonardo Dicaprio). Like many of Quentin Taratino’s other films, Django Unchained elicited both accolades and criticism. Many critics objected to the films use of violence and racial epithets. But there was also controversy over the film’s promotional products-namely, action figures on the main characters in the film. Consider for example, the following petition started by Brockton, Massachusetts, resident Geralyn Smith through the website

National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA): Stop the manufacture and sale of Django Unchained collector dolls.

These dolls, while based on fictional characters, are slaves and remind many Black people of a painful past. This movie has no historical significance and was made solely for entertainment value. I don’t see how NECA can, in good conscience, make a doll that represents a period in OUR history when Blacks were raped and hung and families destroyed because of the color of our skin. Did you make Shindler’s list dolls when it came out? These dolls are disrespectful to the Black American’s who helped build this country. They are an insult to our heritage.

1. What is the conclusion of the argument presented in this petition? What are the main premises supporting that conclusion? Are there any of these claims implied? Specify how.

2. Would you consider signing this petition based solely on the argument presented? If so, why? If not, why not?

3. Visit Find a petition that you find particularly well-argued. What makes it a good argument? Alternatively, find a petition that you find well-intentioned, but poorly argued. How would you rewrite the petition?

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