CRJ505 Saint Leo University Domestic Violence Research Paper

Assignment: Topic- Domestic violence

The final semester project is the completion of a 2500-word-minimum research paper in full APA format. This paper is a review of the professional literature on your topic. As such, most of the paper will be information you have researched, and this information should be properly cited. Use professional sources. Wikipedia and similar websites are not acceptable in a research paper.The reader of your paper should be able to look at your citation, find it in the reference list, and by then be able to go to the source directly. Be sure to check your references to be sure they take you to where you obtained the information.The paper and project must be your own work. It is important to review the APA Manual required for this course to cite and reference properly. This paper should not contain any personal opinions or any personal forms such as “I” or “you” or “we” other than in the Conclusion. There should be no personal experiences, or those of friends or co-workers. The only personal communication allowed is from experts and those must be cited properly (see APA Manual). Keep in mind your assignment is to research the topic you have chosen from the approved list and address that topic specifically. Write about the topic, not a portion of the topic or a wider general history.

Your paper must have a minimum of five outside scholarly and/or professional sources other than your textbook. Scholarly sources are journal articles from actual journals, not journal-looking articles from websites. Scholarly sources are also professional textbooks or scholarly books, not popular books. Professional sources are local, state, and federal government sites. You may use other sources as additional sources. If you use websites, be sure they are professional and credible. Do not use websites that are advocacy groups, businesses, or forums. Newspapers, magazines, and news media are popular sources and do not count toward your outside source requirement; doctoral dissertations and master’s theses are also not scholarly to this standard, however, any of these can be used as additional sources. Dictionaries do not meet the scholarly standard. If a site has information that is useful but is not as solid as required, see if you can find the information at a more reputable site. If not, then the information may be questionable. Quoted material should not exceed 15% of your paper. Most of your paper should be cited information. Quotes are direct verbatim and must be cited immediately. All factual statements and others’ work must be cited. That should be most of the paper as you are not using your own opinion.

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