CRJ560 Saint Leo University Incarceration versus Rehabilitation Essay

The topic for this research paper is Incarceration versus Rehabilitation. The Research Paper must be a minimum of 4,000 words in length but must not exceed 6,000 words. The paper requires a minimum of 10 different references. It will be typewritten, double spaced-standard margins, and follow the APA style format. The paper will be submitted through Chalk and Wire, which is linked to Turnitin. No previously submitted papers, articles, reports or projects, in whole or part, to any university or college will be accepted. It is expected that this will be the student’s original work. No more than 15% of your entire document can be quoted. The research paper is comprised of three parts:the topic selection, the annotated outline, and the final paper. Combined, these three parts make up 25% of the overall grade for this course.

I have attached the research paper rubrics and the annotated outline. Please use the references off the annotated outline I provided.

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