CTAV660 Touro University Parental Involvement & Engagement Interview Paper

(This class is called Parental Involvement and Family Engagement.)

Interview a school member (either a school leader, school counselor, or a classroom teacher), and a parent relating to effective family involvement practices, and school policies & procedures that encourage family involvement. Obtain samples of ways that school counselors, teachers, individual schools, and school districts involve and communicate with families. Provide examples from a current or past school where you have been a staff member in the building and note how the school and district welcomed and involved families. This interview/building analysis is worth 100 points.

You paper length should be 750 – 1500 words and should follow APA style format.

Example of sections that should be in your APA style paper: Introduction, Interviews (Include who you are interviewing your questions and the responses, Building Analysis, Reflection, References. Make sure you have at least three in-text citations.

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