De Anza College Documentary Credibility Draft Paper

Rough Draft

The rough draft should be at least 3 pages in length and it should contain signs of a clear direction – a thesis – and it should incorporate at least one reference (whether in quotation or paraphrase). I also encourage everyone to provide a Works Cited section in MLA format (Author’s last name, first name. Title of the text. Publication information).

Your rough draft is ROUGH in nature. It, therefore, should not be perfect. It may contain errors throughout. Do not spend time or effort trying to create a perfect first three pages. You will find that next week you will need to go over and edit all the sections for clarity and conciseness. Your research conclusions may change from what you expect. Go with the flow of your research, and allow your ideas to change as you learn more. Also, do not worry about grammatical issues and typos and formatting flaws in the rough draft. This should be addressed toward the end of the writing process, after you edit and one you begin proofreading for surface-level issues. Don’t allow surface-level issues to create concern as you are developing your concepts and trying to fit in scholarly research.

You may include parts of your prospectus within the draft. This does not mean a copy and paste of the entire prospectus. It means bringing in sentences that work and modifying paragraphs as you build in more information and support.

The previous prospectus is in the flies.

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