8-30-2018 English 2383-190 Advanced Composition Fall 2018 Professional Interview Paper (Midterm) After reading the information in LB 608-609, carefully select a professional in the field you want to pursue and prepare to interview her/him. If your major is nursing, you must interview a REGISTERED nurse with a four-year degree or higher, not an LPN, nursing tech, phlebotomist, etc., physician or a veterinary technician. If your major is psychology, you must interview a psychologist, not a pastor or school counselor. If your major is education, you must interview a principal, teacher, librarian, etc., not a substitute or classroom assistant, etc. The person must have some sort of baccalaureate degree in education or a related field. I am STRONGLY AGAINST setting up meetings in obscure places with someone whom you don’t know, so you do not have my permission to just seek out random people on the Internet, your Facebook, Twitter, etc. I want you to work through trusted references. I also DO NOT want you to meet in an isolated place, meet in a trusted area with lighting where other people are around. Email correspondence is permitted. Use only the questions that I have provided for the interview; however, you may include others if they naturally emerge from your conversation. I don’t want you to begin your paper with Mary Smith was born March 9, 1962…THAT”S BORING! Be creative! I also don’t want your paper to simply be a litany of queries and response as that, too, is boring! Organize your paper so that your queries and responses flow fluidly throughout it. No two people may interview the same person, so post your interviewee’s name on the DB, so you don’t have to find another person. Your Midterm abstract and outline must be uploaded through the Content item by Wednesday, September 12, by midnight. Your Interview Paper (Midterm Exam) must be uploaded through the Content section by Friday, September 21, by midnight. Your questions list is pretty long, so your paper must be between 800-1000 words. Use LB page 821, # 35(what’s highlighted in blue—don’t place it in parenthesis) to cite your interview. LB 822 #39 explains why. You also need to include a Title page and a Reference page. Don’t forget to type your interviewee’s email address on the Reference page, underneath the citation. Your Midterm grade WILL NOT be posted until your interviewee confirms the interview with an email from me! 8-30-18 English 2383-190 Advanced Composition Fall 2018 Interview Questions Interview information and Protocol -Explain that you are in an Advanced Composition class at TCC and that you’re required to do this assignment. -Select a person who already works in your intended career choice and select a day, time, and place to interview her/him. -You are required to obtain a valid email address for your interviewee so that the professor may confirm the actual interview. Your grade will not be posted until your interview is confirmed. It’s incumbent upon you to select a professional who will release their email address and whom is very responsive to communication. If she/he won’t, it’s your responsibility to select another person for the interview. The professor WILL NOT release the professional’s email address. -Only ask the bottom questions. DO NOT add your own, unless they naturally emerge! -Be sure to thank the person for the interview. You may elect to send a handwritten thank-you card! ☺ Interview Questions Name? How many years have you been working in this field? Where are you currently employed and how long have you worked there? What lead you to enter this field (childhood experience, saw something on TV, something you read, etc.)? Describe a typical day at your place of employment? Is your occupation what you expected (salary, benefits, co-workers, management, environment)? Name some perks/incentives that are accompanied with your profession? What specific challenges have you faced as a result of working in this field? How have you managed to balance your personal and professional life? Do you see yourself retiring in this field? Why or why not? What three pieces of advice would you offer to someone considering this field? Did your collegiate courses adequately prepare you for this field? How or why not?(This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! ☺) Thinking back, would you choose this field again? Why or why not? To what professional organizations do you belong and how do they assist with your work? (This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! ☺) To what professional periodicals do you subscribe and how do they assist with your work? (This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! ☺) Running head: PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW Professional Interview with Rachel Henton Name withheld for anonymity English 2383 Professor Williams June 15, 2018 1 PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW 2 Abstract This professional interview was held via e-mail with Rachel Henton. Rachel has been an RN for 10 ½ years. She has worked at St. John Medical Center all of her nursing career in various fields. She graduated nursing school from Langston University, Tulsa Campus, in December 2007. Rachel has always had a desire to care for others which helped her decide to pursue a career in nursing. She also loves the versatility of nursing as well as the option of advancement to nurse practitioner and even a doctoral degree. Although there are these options of career advancement in nursing, Rachel is quite content with her Bachelor of Science degree as it fits her schedule and family life. Rachel has learned over the years that the nursing field has its ups and downs, but each day is a new day – a new day to help care for people. PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW 3 Outline Thesis statement: Rachel Henton has been a nurse for 10 ½ years working at St. John Medical Center for all of her nursing career, and not a day goes by that she regrets choosing this career – even on a bad day. I. A flexible career A. Rachel began her nursing career at St. John Medical Center 10 ½ years ago. B. She has worked in ICU, newborn nursery, and is currently at St. John Medical Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the preop center. C. She likes her current hours of 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. as it allows her to pick her kids up from school. D. She is able to be at home in the evenings with her children. II. Daily duties A. Examples of her daily duties include checking patients in and out and starting I.V.’s. B. Rachel has only worked in the preop clinic for two years. C. Her longest position was in the newborn nursery for seven years. D. Rachel loves nursing, not only because she gets to help people, but it is a very versatile career. III. Nursing is as she expected A. Rachel’s career as a nurse is exactly what she expected. B. She has a great personality, and she gets along well with all of her coworkers. C. She has not ever had any issues with managers. D. The salary and benefits are what she expected and has no complaints. IV. Giving to the community A. Not only does Rachel work her normal shift, but when she can, she helps out with various health fairs. PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW 4 B. She has also helped out with back to school booths as well as health fairs. C. Rachel enjoys participating in these public outreach activities as it is just another way of helping people. V. Advice for future nurses A. Rachel has had some obstacles to overcome throughout her nursing career, specifically juggling her family life with her career. B. She offered some advice for future nurses including taking nursing one day at a time, speaking up when you have questions, and learning is a lifelong process. C. Rachel learned in her journey through nursing school and as a nurse that you can’t be afraid to take control of situations, especially when it comes to a patient whose life depends on you. VI. In summary, Rachel finds her career as a nurse to be quite rewarding. A. She looks forward to each day of being able to help people. B. It hasn’t always been easy, but taking care of people is what brings her back each day. C. Right now, she doesn’t have any plans on pursuing anything beyond her Bachelor’s degree – she is content on where she is at in her career. D. Rachel plans on retiring from nursing. PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW 5 References Henton, E-mail Interview, June 15, 2018 Email and phone # withheld for anonymity. Running head: CHOOSING HER OWN PATH Choosing Her Own Path Name withheld for anonymity Professor Williams English 2383 June 24, 2018 1 Running head: CHOOSING HER OWN PATH 2 Rayanne Tobey, an accomplished attorney in the Tulsa area has been practicing in a variety of law disciplines for more than 23 years. In her time representing Tulsans, she has learned that to love justice is not enough to love practicing law, it is crucial complete mundane tasks excellently, set reasonable boundaries to avoid early exhaustion, and to take on cases that are personally rather than professionally fulfilling. Mrs. Tobey reminisced, “I’ve known I wanted to be a lawyer since I was thirteen” (personal interview). A deacon at her church who was heavily involved in the youth group became a strong role model, and, when she learned he was an attorney, a position that afforded him the social status and weight to be remarkably generous with his time and services, she set out to follow his lead. After moving with her family to Dallas, she began working a full time job and attending university full time to pay her was through a dual degree in Religious Studies and Political Science, she affectionately jokes “the only two things you should never talk about in polite society”. She posited it was this rigorous undergraduate workload that prepared her for the strain of a high performing law school. In fact, her study of Native American religion and perspective toward land led her to her certificate programs while in law school. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Mrs. Tobey returned to her hometown, Tulsa, to attend the University of Tulsa College of Law and pursue certificates in environment and Native American law. While in school, she worked on Law Review, a privilege extended only to the top 20% of student that asserted was absolutely crucial for any aspiring corporate lawyer. “Many firms won’t even look at you without Law Review on your resume”, she warned. This led us to an eye-opening conversation about the competitive nature of law schools. “Scan or take photos of case studies you will need for assignments,” she cautioned me, “it’s not unheard-of for people to hide texts to improve their own class ranking”. Running head: CHOOSING HER OWN PATH 3 While this shady underside to the legal community gets a fair amount of media attention, Mrs. Tobey also exhorted me that the student who participate in such devious schemes for power and influence not only ruin their profession reputation before it begins, but often end up in the pages of the Bar Association’s annual newsletter regarding reasons a member has been disbarred. “Be honest, have integrity”, she advised, “but choose your friends wisely.” Frequently, she has called upon old friends from school in her legal practice for advice, information, or support, and it is only because they maintained a relationship in school that these colleagues return a professional courtesy. It is not uncommon for a student’s grade in any class to be comprised only of two major assignments, yet the expectation for prospective attorneys is 400-500 pages of reading per night. With this demanding and high-risk workload, it is imperative that students allocate their time properly to achieve maximum efficiency and information retention. Because of this, Mrs. Tobey asserted I should find whatever means necessary to cope with stress in a healthy way. Regular exercise, good eating habits, and a creative outlet are just a few of the way students must learn to balance life and work. This trend continues into the profession, so developing it early can keep an attorney sharp, honest, and efficient. Mrs. Tobey is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, but aside from her regular newsletters and the published Supreme Court reviews, she does not subscribe to legal journals. As a private practice attorney, she has not found them worth the expense. She has enjoyed the opportunity to serve the community with her professional expertise, and often goes unpaid or at a steep discount for worthy cases or faithful clients. This has been one of her favorite ways to evidence the generosity she saw in her first inspiration for law. Running head: CHOOSING HER OWN PATH 4 While Mrs. Tobey offered many practical tips for becoming a good law student, she also offered a helpful personal take on selecting a branch within the profession. She began her career in a very large, very successful corporate firm and was able to work many hours on important cases, even logging the professional accomplishment of a presidential signature on a bill she wrote. However, she left it all for private practice and to raise her two daughters. “Taking time off for your family is not a given”, she stated matter-of-factly. It is not always easy to be a woman in the field, and often women are more competitive with each other than men. It is important to set boundaries. Work must stay at work or it is easy to be consumed with casework and being constantly available via email, text, or phone call. While these attorneys are rewarded amply for their sacrifices with paychecks, Mrs. Tobey asserted that her time with family and choice of work is far better worth the salary. In her time as an attorney, Mrs. Tobey has discovered that, as in any profession, it is imperative to operate from her strengths, to combat injustice and inequality, and to find fulfilling task both personally and professionally that facilitate a continued passion for the law and its right application. She has learned to set firm boundaries, like leaving her phone in the office during long cases, and she advocates for women supporting other women so all who participate in law can flourish. Running head: CHOOSING HER OWN PATH Reference Tobey, Personal Communication, June 9, 2018. Personal information removed for anonymity 5 Running head: RACHEL HENTON, BSN Rachel Henton, BSN – An Angel in Scrubs Name withheld for anonymity English 2383 Professor Williams June 29, 2018 1 RACHEL HENTON, BSN 2 Rachel Henton, BSN – An Angel in Scrubs It’s 4 a.m. – her alarm clock goes off. For most people, this is a dreaded time, but not for Rachel Henton. This sound means it’s time to get up and go do what she loves most – helping others. For as long as she can remember, Rachel has always had a strong desire to help people. Anytime she saw someone hurt or ill, she had a natural instinct to take care of them. There was no doubt in her mind what she wanted to be when she grew up – a nurse. That’s exactly the career she pursued. Rachel has been a nurse for ten and a half years working at St. John Medical Center for all of her nursing career, and not a day goes by that she regrets choosing this career – even on a bad day. As soon as Rachel graduated nursing school from Langston University, Tulsa Campus, in 2007, she began her new career at St. John Medical Center. “I have worked here all of my nursing career” (Henton, 2018). Rachel spent seven out of her ten and a half years working in the newborn nursery. “I loved taking care of the newborns, but the hours were hard on my family” (Henton, 2018). She also worked in the ICU step-down unit for a year and a half and is currently working at the St. John Broken Arrow preop center where she has been for the last two years. Her current position at the St. John Broken Arrow preop center has provided her with the flexible schedule that she has been searching for to be home with her children in the evenings and on the weekends. Although her day starts at 4 a.m., Rachel loves her current job at the preop center in Broken Arrow. Some of her daily duties include checking patients in and out, starting I.V.’s, drawing labs, charting, and prepping patient’s operative sites. She also works with the anesthesiologist providing information she collected from the patient and ensuring that they are properly prepped for surgery. “I go from patient to patient completing a preop checklist” RACHEL HENTON, BSN 3 (Henton, 2018). Rachel loves nursing because not only does she get to help people, the nursing field is so versatile. Working in the preop center, Rachel preps patients for different kinds of surgeries, each patient being different than the last, and she doesn’t ever feel burnt out from doing the same tasks over and over again. Rachel has not been surprised by anything in regards to what the nursing field entails. “My occupation is what I expected” (Henton, 2018). She knew there would be good days and bad days, different personalities, as well as stressful situations. Rachel entered the nursing field knowing this in advance and was ready for whatever issues she had to face. Rachel has a great personality and handles stressful situations well. She always appears happy, positive, and is always smiling. “I have always gotten along with my managers and coworkers” (Henton, 2018). She also feels that the salary and benefits are to be expected and has no complaints regarding her pay. She never really thought about the pay anyway. She just knew she wanted to help others and realized nursing was the way to do it. Nursing not only gives Rachel an opportunity to help others, it also allows her the opportunity to give back to the community. She does not belong to any professional organizations, but she does volunteer at “various health fairs, public outreach community activities, back-to-school booths, and health related walks” (Henton, 2018). Rachel enjoys participating in these public outreach activities as it is just another way of helping people. Every year, she volunteers at the Tulsa State Fair helping out with free health checks. She also helps out with the local school district conducting health screenings for elementary students. Being a nurse does not come without challenges, as Rachel well knows. She has had some obstacles to overcome during her career – specifically juggling her family life with her career. “I have small children so I have always struggled with which shift is best to work for my RACHEL HENTON, BSN 4 family” (Henton, 2018). She finds her latest position to work well with her family life, however, as it allows her to be home in the evenings and on the weekends. When presented with challenges, Rachel has some advice for future nurses: “Take it one day at a time, speak up when you have questions, and don’t forget that nursing is a lifelong learning process” (Henton, 2018). Rachel has learned that in her journey through nursing school and as a nurse, knowing how to take control of situations is vital, especially when people’s lives depend on it. Rachel also feels that her college prerequisite courses has helped her be a successful nurse as well. The prerequisite courses teach critical thinking which is vital in the nursing field. Some of the classes helped Rachel manage stress and taught her how to deal with patients with psychological issues. “Clinical days are great to help prepare you” (Henton, 2018). Clinicals provide hands-on training. Hands-on training together with the required prerequisite courses is a must for any nursing student to be able to successfully pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). In summary, Rachel finds her career as a nurse to be quite rewarding. She looks forward to each day of being able to help people. It has been hard at times trying to juggle family life with work, but she has been successful in finding a work schedule that fits her family life b …


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