develop a PowerPoint presentation using three slides.


As the course draws to a conclusion, now is the time to think about projecting your professional personna:

1. Provide a presentation of your white paper report.
2. Complete the course evaluation.
3. Compete the final examination (Week 16 module).

1. The white paper report presentation:
Presenting your work can be an effective way to show your contributions to a company. Using PowerPoint, you will produce slides for a presentation.

2. The course evaluation:
The course evaluation, located in the menu, is available until April 28, 2017. Final grades will be posted once all evaluations are completed.

3. The final examination:
A reflection of your work done in this course may help you consider the “next step” towards your professional goals.

  • See the Week 16 module for more details – that module is available after the completion of this module, and is due by the end of the final examination week.

Reading assignment:
Review TETW chapters 5 & 6.



Event to Mark 1960s “Battle of Newburgh”

Event to Mark 1960s “Battle of Newburgh”

Peer/group assignment:

Written assignment:

Presenting your research to your dream job company can show your knowledge of an important aspect of the company’s business. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation using three slides.

Your PowerPoint slides should contain key words or phrases for you to use when delivering a full presentation. These words, similar to what could be placed on note cards, are to help your remember the structure of your presentation – not relate the entire presentation word for word.

Follow these guidelines:


  • Use a standard template (light background is preferable)
  • Use readable font types (no decorative fonts)
  • No images

Specific details

Slide 1:

  • The title of your white paper report
  • Your name
  • Date (use the name of the month, not numbers!)

Slide 2:

  • Title – “Introduction”
  • Provide a synopsis of the introduction from your report in 7 to 10 words

Slide 3:

  • Title – “Recommendations”
  • Provide a bullet list of recommendations, using 2 or 3 words (key words or phrases) in each bullet
  • Use no more than 10 words total on the slide

Submit your presentation here.

Due date:
Week 15, Friday at 5 p.m.

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