Differences Between Principle Ethics and Virtue Ethics Questions

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What are the differences between principle ethics and virtue ethics?

Principle ethics recognizes their foundation in moral principles, which are agreed-upon assumptions or beliefs about ideas that are shared by members of the helping professions. Some common ethical principles include honesty, equality, respect for rights, and integrity.

Virtue ethics recognizes that emotions are an integral and important part of our moral perception. Examples of virtue ethics in the workplace include Trustworthiness. Your trustworthiness allows your boss and co-workers to depend on you. Respect there’s nothing more important to getting along at work than demonstrating respect… Playing by the Rules an example of a person of virtue and ethics is someone who plays by the rules.

Which type or types of ethics are represented in your profession?

I would say working with special need adults both ethics plays into my job. I work for the state so there are guidelines and policies that have to be followed. Also saying that there is always a gray area because it is about client care and what is best for them. What is written in policy does not always work for everyone, so things have to be adjusted and modified.

We have to look at the need of each client and see what their diagnoses, family history, ethnic background, medical needs, this is how we take care of them and make sure they have the best care.


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