Discrimination in Education Paper

The AP paper is a solution finding paper with based on the HCP paper (included in the attached files). Please read through it first and be familiar with the problem mentioned in it (Disproportional discipline in the educational field). After that, read through the Prompt for AP, be familiar with the requirement for this paper. After that, revise the AP paper (Be more specific about the Obama’s policy mentioned in the paper, include the cause, affect, and why it is not working as expected. Also, if you can, try to find more solution proposed for the DISPROPORTIONAL DISCIPLINE, but not the Obama’s policy, and why it is not working as well. After that, find the least imperfect solution for this big problem, introduced the strength and weakness, and how to fix the weakness. DO NOT COME UP WITH OWN SOLUTIONS. Find the solution that are reliable. At the conclusion part, illustrate why solving this problem can help save the American Dream from the crisis.)

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