Your own thread should contain:

1. Response to my question – an informed opinion on the topic

2. A reference – where did you pull the information from to form your opinion? Was it the text book? Was it an article you read online? There must ALWAYS be evidence of your reading.

3. You will not get away with posting only a sentence or two. This should be a full paragraph.REMEMBER THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISUCSSION POSTS:

Perform a quick Google search to see why this topic has been in the news and online. You don’t have to read full research articles, but should check the textbook for information – just get a sense of why this is considered a controversial topic.

Submit your post to Blackboard on the due date by midnight. Late submissions will not be accepted. In this post (one long paragraph), include:

1. What website(s) did you read, and are these sites scientifically reputable (why or why not)?

2. Do you agree with the author of the website? Why are why not?

3. Is the opinion of the author surprising and/or based on scientific evidence? Why or why not?

1. Vaccinations (DUE DECEMBER 26)

The topic of vaccination (and in particular, infant vaccination) has been a recent topic of debate in the US. Why is this the case? What does scientific evidence suggest about vaccinations? What is your opinion on this matter?

2. Gendered Signs for Toys/Gendered Toys (DUE DECEMBER 26)

Recently, the US retailer Target decided to move away from gender-based signs like the one below:

Embedded image permalink

This decision was met on the one hand with support and praise for doing what many retailers around the world have already done, and on the other with skepticism and even outrage at the “political correctness” and pushing a gender-neutral agenda. Many called for a boycott of Target for this decision.

Questions to consider:

Why is this issue a “hot button topic”? What might be the position for each side of the argument – and is there any evidence to suggest that one side makes more sense than the other? Was this decision (and similar decisions by other organizations) based on evidence? What is your opinion about a gender neutral stance on children’s toys?

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