education video

Purpose: To discover media resources for parents and their children.
Directions: Find a children’s educational television program that teaches math concepts. What the episode and describe the kinds of math concepts that are being taught.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Are the concepts taught age appropriate?
  2. Is the material taught in an engaging and challenging manner?
  3. What are the benefits/limitations of learning math through education television programming?

The 1 page (total) critique is due.
This is an individual assignment.
Possible Points: 5
How to Submit Assignment: Dropbox
Criteria for Evaluation: Assignments will be graded based on:

  1. Clarity answers
  2. Understanding of the concepts taught
  3. Insights into the medium
  4. program choice
  5. Articulation of benefits of topic.

For each criterion either a 1 or 0 is possible for a total possible of 5 points. Each answer should be two to three sentences.…

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