Effectiveness of Yoga in the Treatment of Mental Illnesses Paper

1. Problem Statement: Your problem statement, throughly revised from earlier in the quarter, should address the following:

a. A clear, complete description of the problem you intend to research.

b. A similar description of the subproblems.

c. Any hypotheses you have before beginning research.

d. Definitions of important terms you will refer to in your research proposal

e. Important assumptions that inform your research.

f. Delimitations and limitations of your study.

g. The significance of your study.

2. Literature Review: Your literature review, also revised from earlier this quarter, should contain the following:

a. An introduction: In this section, you will contextualize and explain your research problem, locating the gap in existing literature within your field that leads you to pursue your specific research project.

b. A body: In this section, you should analyze relevant articles and studies that create a strong foundation for you to build your own research upon. Focus on the synthesis of ideas rather than individual summaries of studies one-by-one; this section should reflect your ability to engage deeply with scholarship in your discipline and make insightful connections between the work of other scholars in order to create a space for yourself within an academic community.

c. A conclusion: In this section, you will provide reasons why, based on the literature discussed, your research is crucial to the development of your field. Through summary of major ideas from earlier in your review and analysis of the state of research within your chosen area, you will define the necessity of your project.

Research Plan: Your research plan (or research outline) revised from earlier this quarter, should address the following:

a. Data needed for your study and how that data will be accessed and assessed for each specific subproblem (in clear, definitive steps).

b. A through description of your intended research process, including your projected timeline, expected cost/resources, etc.

4. Annotated Bibliography: Revised from earlier in the quarter, this document must contain a citation and annotation for every source you refer to throughout the proposal (in the literature review or elsewhere) in the appropriate format. A minimum of ten sources is required (although you may have more).

Your final proposal should be between 1500-2000 words (6-8 pages double spaced), not including your annotated bibliography.

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