EN206 Monroe College American Civil Liberties Union Take Action Page Paper

Read the attached lecture notes on effective communication, then visit the “Take Action” page of the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) website.

Click on the “issues” tab, read the information on an issue of your choice.

Next click on “take action” and write a formal letter to the indicated CEO, politician, or government official to explain your position on the issue and what you would like him/her to do regarding the issue.

I also want to review formatting for our documents. All memos and emails should use proper headings:

TO: From: Date: Subject. Emails should not be emailed but submitted as a WORD documents using the emails headings.

Letters should have both the sender’s and receiver’s addresses, the date, a greeting, closing, and signature. Subject lines should have first, last, and important words capitalized. The subject line should be specific to the document and only 5-6 words. Refer to your notes for additional information.

All 3 documents (emails, memos and letters) should follow the 3 paragraph format:

Paragraph 1 is a short paragraph that provides the purpose of the document.

Paragraph 2 provides the details and if there are many, break the information into 2 paragraphs.

Paragraph 3 provides any contact and/or response information.

If you use this type of format, you will also be able to organize your information for the document.

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