ENG1102 UOSF Machine Learning in Virtual Assistants Summary

Assignment: For this assignment you are to write a brief summary of one of the research sources that you plan to use in your annotated bibliography (and in your final research paper).

First, you will chose one of the research sources that you found for your annotated bibliography (assigned this week, although it is not due this week). The source must be a book chapter or a longer (more than 8 pages) scholarly article from one of the USF library databases. Try to chose a work that you think is crucial to your understanding of your research topic.

Second, carefully and critically read the article, noting passages that you think you will be able to use in your research paper. Try to fully comprehend the author’s argument and evidence and convey this understanding to your reader.

Third, write a brief summary of the article (do not include your own commentary on the article). Your summary should not be more than two pages (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1″ margins) and should clearly indicate the main points of the article. Keep a formal diction and avoid first-person pronouns and contractions. Also, you must include 2-3 significant direct quotes from the original article, introducing and explaining each (no “armadillo roadkill”!). Don’t forget to include your APA formatted in-text citations as well.

Lastly, make sure to include a properly formatted references page for the article/chapter. You likely will have just one citation on this page. Don’t forget to include your APA formatted cover page and make sure that the entire document adheres to APA style (yes, you will lose points if it doesn’t adhere to APA style). For this assignment, you don’t need an abstract, but you should have one for your final research paper draft.

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