ENGL1302 How Was a Literary Device Used in Cask of Amontillado Essay

Topic: Cask of amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

Research papers will have a body of FOUR (4) pages. The paper must also have an outline and a Works Cited page. (These pages are NOT considered as part of the body page count.) . The word count is calculated by only the words in your paragraphs. The final Works Cited page will contain seven to eight (7-8) sources. The sources will be derived from appropriate books, periodicals, etc., to denote a variety of sources used;. Each of the sources used in the Works Cited must be used at least once in the research paper.

  • Cliffs Notes, Pink Monkey, Magill’s Surveys, Barron Notes, Schmoop, Sparknotes, Masterplots, Monarch Notes, eNotes, Gradesaver, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Prezis, essays from paper mills, Wikipedia, and all other similar sources are NOT appropriate.
  • You are to follow the MLA 8th edition format and documentation as described at the Purdue OWL site.
  • Use direct quotations sparingly (no more than 25% of the paper).
  • The level of diction should be formal (no slang, contractions, jargon, or technical terms without definition).
  • All borrowed information must be noted, whether quoted or paraphrased.
  • Work in a Times New Roman 12 point font,
  • Do not use humor in any part of the paper.
  • From your 7 to 10 scholarly sources, a minimum of ten parenthetical citations should be included.
  • From your primary text, which is the novel you are writing about, certainly five or ten parenthetical citations should be included.
  • introductory paragraph must be biographical information on your author; 125 – 150 words; use biographical facts that are all over the Internet, short direct quotations by paraphrasing effectively, and by citing credible sources.
  • The thesis statement must be the final sentence of your introductory paragraph, and it must specifically name the literary devices the paper will use to analyze the theme of the primary text.
  • The specific theme must also be named in the thesis statement.
  • All of this should put the paragraph at a word count of 125 – 150 words.
  • Include an outline . as the first page of the essay (the outline does not factor into the word count of the essay.)
  • Use MLA format.
  • Include a Works Cited page.
  • Here is an example Works Cited page.
  • Create the essay with the understanding that this is not a book report. Don’t summarize the story, as that is only appropriate for a sentence or two in the introduction. Tell me how a literary device was used in the story.
  • Cite examples from the story in support of your argument using proper MLA format (quotations for direct citations, as well as parenthetical references for both these and paraphrases).

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