What do you think Carr’s Thesis is?What are the Implications/Solutions he offers?You may discern more than one thesis and more than one solution; present all that you see.

Review pages 186-189 of the handout.Summarize what is said there in a page or two, as if you are explaining it to someone with limited scientific knowledge.What you are doing here is translating – from academic language to less formal language.Doing this requires that you understand what Carr is saying; then translate it again for me. Take your time with this and be thorough.

Find 6 sentences total from pages 180, 181, 190, 191 of the essay, and do a “Ravishing Passage” on them.Quote them, then explain why they stood out to you as memorable.

Part Two:Recall the exercise we did in class: “Select a memory, place or experience that you had, that no one would understand unless they had experienced it.”Write about this memory now, in as many pages as you need.Include details that only you would know, that may seem insignificant, but would prove you had really paid attention to this experience.

Carr writes, “Each of us carries and projects the history of the future. Culture is sustained in our synapses.” (196) How could the narrative you share improve our culture as a whole?

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