Ethics for Behavior Analysts, writing homework help

I need :

A primary posting is a direct response to the initial question posted. The answer should be at least 300 words, posted on time and answer the question using the textbook (and additional appropriate’ sources, if needed) with critical thinking skills and analysis of the concepts.

the textbook:

Bailey, J.S. & Burch, M.R. (2016). Ethics for Behavior Analysts (3rd ed.).

I will submit the chapter 5 from this book you have to read it before to start to answer the question.

the question on the discussion board:

When you read this chapter, the guidelines for behavior analysts are very explicit with regards to each of these areas. In some areas, such as accepting gifts, our ethics and guidelines we must follow as a behavior analyst may be in direct contrast with what is acceptable with your prior professional experience. Identify and discuss at least one of these areas that is different than your prior experience either personally or professionally. Identify at least one way you will manage this as a behavior analyst.

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