ETHN 201W MSU Perspectives on African American Discussion

First Examination

Directions: write two or more paragraphs responses (note: a minimum of three sentences in a paragraph). In your response, be sure to refer to specific concepts/constructs from the readings, video/film and lecture notes to support your answer

those the chapters that you will need for the exam

1)Read Part 2: Booker T. Washington: Black Enigma

2)Read Part 3:W. E. B. Du Bois: Talented Propagandist

3)Read Part 4:Marcus Garvey: Black Moses

4)Read Part 5:Martin Luther King, Jr: Apostle of Non-Violence

5)Read Part 6: Malcolm X: ‘The Angriest Negro in America’

6)Read Part 7: African-American Women: Heroines & Trailblazers

this is the link of the book…

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