Everything I Never Told You, writing homework help

TWO FULL PAGES PAPER Please number your responses and be sure to address all parts of the prompt.

  1. The film, “First Morning” and Celeste Ng’s novel, Everything I Never Told You, says a great deal about the influence parents have on their children. How did your parents influence your childhood? Do you think the same issues will affect the next generation of either families?
  2. Discuss a situation in which you have felt like an outsider. How do the members of Linh’s or the Lee family deal with being measured against stereotypes and others’ perceptions?
  3. There’s so much that the characters in the novel keep to themselves. What do you wish they had shared with one another? Do you think an ability to better express themselves would have changed the outcome of the book?
  4. here is THE LINK TO THE FILM

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