Experiment Methods Psychology discussion

I will provide you with the references and I will send you my hypothesis of the experiment. What I need you to do is connect the references I will give you with my hypothesis, easy job but little time consuming.

Update: someone needed more details so here we go: I will provide you with: auditory beats stimulation and it’s effects on cognition and mood states, hemispheric specialization and ear advantages in processing speech, distraction by competing speech in young and older adult listeners effectiveness of relaxation as an active coping skill, a picture is worth a thousand words: the case for graphic representations, binaural beats, and the nature and probable origin of binaural beats.

Most of these articles are 10 to 27 pages so don’t get intimidated and you can ignore the statistics in the articles. What you will do with these articles is just connect them with my hypothesis and cite them in the paper.

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