Explain and analyze issues of the IT governance and environment of the purchased company as a consultant

To: Executive Team of Acquiring Company

Re: Issues with IT Governance and IT Controls at the Purchased Organization

1. Background & Question 1:

You are a consultant hired by the purchaser to review aspects of information technology (IT) governance of the company being purchased. You have been asked to explain to the executive team certain issues surrounding the IT governance and environment of the purchased company.

2. Question 2:

In the memo to the executive team, evaluate THREE components of the COBIT 2019 Governance model that you believe can be improved upon at the company being purchased (point out specific EXAMPLES and their paragraphs/pages from the material to support the points).

3. Question 3:

List THREE weaknesses in the IT control system of this company and simply explain why these represent weaknesses.

Guideline/abstract requirement:

A clear structure or memo or abstract of word.doc includes the view of the three questions and the evidence to support them. Appropriate business format with a clear introduction and conclusion.

Helpful information to the audience, which relevant to the issue, and the expression of well-organized ideas in professional correspondence.

Use materials in the attached files and any other resources.

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