Fancy Trade

PAPER 1, Length requirement: 4 ½ pages


Required sources (need to be incorporated into readings)

1st book is Soul by Soul by Walter Johnson

2nd book is The American Economy by Walter Greason, William Gorman, and Melissa Ziobro

Pictures will be slacked to you

Assignment breakdown

Summarize Fancy Trade

How did it represent the changes in the US economy, 1790-1830

How did those changes fit into the trans-Atlantic economy in the same time period?

Due on Oct 26th

Cover page

(10 paragraphs total) 6-7 sentences

1-5 paragraphs summary of fancy trade

6-7 analysis Us econ (gouge)

8 Us econ (Hammond)- in first link below

9 Trans atlantic (scope/geog)

10 Trans atlantic (scale/econ)

Conclusion – HAMMOND

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