Fighting Corruption Effects Of Governmental Campaigns To Public

Technical writing class

i have writing project paper , i choose the a topic (CORRUPTION) .

1-write the first paragraph of an essay (INTRO) about the topic (CORRUPTION) . at least 6 sentences. read below

Choose a Topic from those listed on slides in the Power Point presentation from Chapter 2 -Composing. Use method described in class to write the first paragraph of an essay on the chosen topic. e.g.

A) List 10 items that come to mind about the topic (Brainstorm or do a self-assessment, only).
B) Prioritize (list items according to importance of information about topic the author wants to share)
C) Prioritize (rearrange the second time – in order of importance)

Take the three most important items (#s 1, 2, & 3) and use as sub-topics to write the first paragraph of your essay on chosen topic. Must be at least six (6) sentences and must show minimum three (3) references/sources in bibliography.

2- FEASIBILITY STUDY PAPER , see the attachment below to know whats needed

Feasibility Study on Ability to do Term Paper

As discussed, a term project (Complete Technical Report) is part of this semester’s course in technical writing. You should have completed the ‘Topic’ selection and are now required to follow through and decide (with the help of your instructor) the topic about which you will write and present via the findings of two Feasibility Studies. Therefore, your IMMEDIATE Assignment:

To finalize your topic, that you consider to be suitable, for this semester’s project, write feasibility reports to your instructor examining the topics in terms of your availability to gather information that is suitability for the topic and the amount of time available between now and May 1, 2018. The significance of the topics to your discipline and/or your career goals must be highlighted.

Guidelines (for each):

You are writing a feasibility report to show, whether or not, it is possible for YOU (the student) to write a good enough technical report as a term paper. You are not now writing the term paper. All you need to do is to analyze what factors, if any: time, availability of resources – manpower, costs associated – documents, etc. are within or not within your reach to write this sort of term paper.

Hence the feasibility study problem!!! I know the problem: How do I go about finding a solution? What criteria do I have to implement to solve? Are resources available? If not, can I get some? What is the time-frame? do I have enough time? etc.

Remember that in your feasibility study, you will:

  • Determine whether an entity (YOU) should take a specific action.
  • Consider several solutions to a problem.
  • Examine each one.
  • Determine the best solution based on specific criteria.
  • Provide the answer to the question: Is X feasible or not?
  • Conclude with your recommendation.

thank you

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