Film review

FILM: “China on Four Wheels: Part 1”


China now makes more cars than America and Japan combined, as well as making parts for many models built around the world. With more than a million new cars a month hitting Chinese roads, the potential impact on global oil consumption and greenhouse gases is phenomenal. To accommodate this surge in car ownership, China is investing in infrastructure. In this film, Anita travels through the industrialized cities of eastern China, where self-made billionaires own super cars fleets and new middle class tourists go on luxury holidays. In contrast, Justin’s journey takes him through impoverished rural regions, ghost cities of Inner Mongolia, and to the “red” tourist destination of Yan’an—highlighting China’s inequalities, real estate bubble, and ideological tensions between communism and capitalism. A BBC Production.

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Prepare a review of the BBC production, “China on Four Wheels.” The review should highlight the key points the director and producer wanted the audience to take away. A review also summarizes, in this case, the locations the films takes the audience, the people encountered on the journey, and the pitfalls of the trip.

In addition, consider the question of the effects of globalization on Chinese culture. And, assess to what extent China has preserved its traditional culture.

You may submit your review using one of three methods:

  • A written review of 1-2 pages

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