Final Draft Essay and one letter

  • Length: ~500 words
  • Letter to me
  • Due Sunday with RA Final Draft in the ePortfolio (You will NOT turn the assignment in here)

Rhetorical Considerations

  • Audience: Me (Tarah)
  • Form: Letter. Stylistically, feel free to use a tone and ethos that reflects you as a person and as a student.
  • Media: Web/Typed (to appear in your ePortfolio)
  • Content: Messages that reflect upon you as a writing student in the context of our class


At this point in the quarter, it’s time to stop and think critically about what’s been learned and practiced. For this assignment, focus on writing a coherent, introspective narrative for how you feel your quarter has gone so far–the progress you’ve made, struggles you’ve battled, what you’ve learned, how you’ve learned it, what you still have yet to learn, and how you can transfer what you’ve learned so far to future, outside scenarios. You should write this in the form of a letter to me (Tarah), and because this is a reflective writing assignment, you should use the first person point of view and also feel free to address me directly if the need occurs.

Focus on addressing SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of ASSIGNMENTS AND MOMENTS FROM THE QUARTER to help you illustrate your claims and ideas. Focus clearly and in-depth on a small number of topics. Do not simply list everything you’ve done this quarter or attempt to address everything. Curate the most important topics for YOU as an individual. BE HONEST. Angles and topics to address in your Midterm Portfolio Reflection are as follows. You are not limited to these suggestions, nor do you have to address them all:

  • Where you started as a writer vs. Where you are now (overall feelings of improvement, increased confidence, etc., even if very small)
  • Your most important struggles as a writer, and as a communicator, and how the RA drafting process has specifically addressed these struggles (for better or for worse)
  • Your concept of how to write and think critically about a difficult topic, ie: how you’re doing with tough concepts like genre, handling difficult readings on your own, drafting arguments, and ultimately articulating your POV in writing.
  • Your concept of the writing and drafting process, ie: what you’ve learned about its importance (specifically to YOU, not in general), anything you’ve learned to recognize about yourself as a writer and as a student, things you know you still need to lear and practice, any major mistakes you made along the way and how to address them in the future.
  • How you can transfer the writing and critical thinking knowledge you’ve practiced so far this quarter to other classes and facets of life

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