Final Draft of Narrative Essay

I was wondering if you could help me with re-writing my Narrative Essay, this assignment was not accepted due to the fact that a similar one was submitted to another course.

Final Draft Directions: Reflect on the feedback your instructor shared with you on the Week 1 Project rough draft and revise your essay. Edit for APA-style formatting, and proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Make sure to also consider the suggestions you received from the Smarthinking tutor if you submitted the essay to them back in Week 1.

This handout will explain the details of formatting your essay using APA style. You may create your essay with this APA-formatted template.

Can you do a Narrative from the following subject. Visiting my grandparents on their farm in upstate N.Y, seemed liked a magical time, my grandparents owned 1,000 acres, in the Adirondack mountains, my mom was the oldest of 16 kids, so I always had plenty of cousins to play with, we spent hours riding horses, swimming in the beaver pond, exploring the woods, having picnics on the big rock, playing baseball. My whole family lived within 50 miles of my grandparents farm. We spent hours during the summer time planting, harvesting in the huge garden , we spent more time after that canning what we had grown. I spent the weekend delivering eggs to the local people in town.


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