Final Paper : Journalism Topic, writing homework help

**must be on journalism media field**

***draft of final paper is attached so must be revised and completed even better.***

Submit your finished annotated bibliography & paper here. The annotated bibliography is worth 3 points and the paper is worth 10.

Description from the Course Outline:

  1. Final Project (25 pts): Students will create a researched-based paper that describes a time in their academic career that they were challenged yet learned the concepts of the competencies. Students are expected to complete a critical analysis of the topic and are expected to use research from sources such as books, research journals, and historical documents (and cite accordingly). The purpose of this assignment is to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of research analysis and comprehension (reading, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, writing, oral communication, and information literacy competencies).

The final paper should be 5-7 pages in length. Double spaced, 12 font. Not counting cover pages, bibliography, or reference pages.

The paper should include at least THREE OUTSIDE SOURCES (3-5 is preferable). At least ONE of the sources should be SCHOLARLYand at least ONE of the sources should come from a credible WEBSITE.

Details on the Annotated Bibliography are included in this folder.

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