Final Project

For the final deliverable, you will search for recent articles and/or videos of course topics you chose as applied to real companies.YouTube provides such examples, as well as company websites. The videos will likely not specifically analyze how the company competes with the purchasing or supplymanagement function, but you must critically analyze the video examples with that in mind. SO, YOU MUST CHOOSE VIDEOS THAT ARE INTERESTING AND SUFFICIENTLY COMPLEX IN ORDER TO PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS. Other options include finding interesting and comprehensive articles in major business magazines or journals like Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Economist, and similar print media. Mainly, you should be able to discuss how this company (these companies) use what you learned in this course to succeed in their industry. I do not expect that your final project report attempts to relate all of the course material to the company; rather, it is better to choose fewer course topics (at least three) and to provide an in-depth analysis of those. The final project requires a team submission of a report (as a Word file) of between 1500-2500 words (using Word properties to calculate).

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