Final Project Assignment

Issues in early childhood are vast and constantly changing. Your task is to write a brief research paper designed to go into greater depth about either a topic already discussed in the course, or the presentation of an issue in early childhood education not already discussed in the course. You will have to make an argument about why this topic is an issue and provide references for an outsider to access greater information. Your paper should be between three‐five pages in length and include the following information:

  • Topic description. Provide current information about the topic you have chosen.
  • Issue argument. Discuss why the topic is an “issue” in early childhood – what are the concerns/arguments that are current in early childhood.
  • Current positions. Given your topic, what are arguments made on either “side” of the issue.
  • Online references. Provide at least 3 online references that could be useful to an outsider reviewing this “issue.”

This paper will be turned in through “Turn‐it‐in.” This will ensure that you are not plagiarizing. Also, make sure you cite your statements. If you are unsure how to cite, please review APA referencing and citations (email your professor for more information if needed). You will be graded on grammar and spelling, so proofread your work.

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