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Studying in a foreign country is a complicated decision that expatriate students go through in a period of their lives. Every expatriate students have a story that explained what difficulties they face and what benefits they learn. I’m a Saudi expatriate student in The United States of America, Spokane through King Abdullah scholarship program, which gives Saudi students an opportunities to get a scholarship to study abroad in many countries. My family and the opportunity to study in different society that has a different education system and, differences abound among people ranging from gender to religious beliefs and cultural practices. My generation believe that the opportunity for studying abroad should be exploited. Saying that, I was not sure that studying in the USA after the high school is an Ideal decision for my future. My sister and brother experiences was not similar to mine. They came to study in the US after they finish their bachelor degrees in Saudi Arabia. I wondered if I should do what they did, so that I had more experiences, but after that the opportunity of studying abrod it might be harder after five years. Also, my parants support my disiosion she thought that studyind directly after high school is better than later because she thought that in young ages people have more abilty to adabute with their new places.

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