Four page double spaced essay on how the author octavia e butler influenced visual culture and literacy

Who’s Who of Authors: Our books come from the experiences, professions, and imaginations of authors. Some of these writers were/are very prolific. Others have just a few publications to their names. Some writers have very public personae while others fly largely under the radar. You will each compile a list of the author’s works and write a brief essay about the author’s contributions to their genre and culture in general. In three or four pages, you’ll want to detail a little bit of the author’s history and the impact their work has had, including the connections to visual literacy. The list of their works should be attached as a separate document and does not count toward the essay page limit.

Keep in mind, the most importantaspect of this assignment is to articulate the author’s contribution to visual culture through their writing and through their literary works. The book selections have a distinct presence in visual culture. Make sure your essay clearly explores that. So your sources need to go much further than the author’s biographical information. Think of your author in the context of popular culture. For example, when we discuss Shakespeare, the conversation goes much further than when he lived and died. We discuss the impact his plays have on dress, spoken language, and adaptation within different mediums.

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