Freedom Writers, and Precious Knowledge movies, writing homework help

This assignment is going to require to know the two movies, which are Freedom Writers, and Precious Knowledge. Then, you will need to answer two questions. The first one is “who has power in the film? How and Why? Who does not have power? how is power defined? The second question is “What are personal reflections to the movies? What did you learn that surprised you? How have your perspectives and assumptions changed about the issues surrounding urban schools? I also, want to to use the readings that I uploaded and use them as a references to the movies. The file mofiles is the reading from the book “Teaching the Taboo“. Moreover, The files scan, chapter2, and chapter2-1 are from the book “Embracing Risk In Urban Education“. Make sure you add the references from the two movies, and the two books. Moreover, Make sure you use APA style. Furthermore, Make sure there is no plagiarism. Thank you, and good luck

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