Full Range Leadership Development, Personal Leadership Dev help

Based on the “Full Range Leadership Development” (see attached), please select the “diagnose, adapt and communicate (DAC)” from the Leader Influence – Developing and Inspiring Others concept and apply why this is most important to you and why? AND discussed the implications of not applying this concept?

Described how you will apply the concept in your work center?

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concept AND Explained the impact the concept will have on subordinates, peers, AND supervisors?

How will you apply this concept to your development?

*****You must properly apply the concept. Also please tie some other concepts together from the Full Range Leadership Development attachment.*****

******If you can please stick to military terms eg. airman, superintendent etc…

Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks in advance!!!

*******MOST IMPOTANTLY**** Please use the attached rubric so that I can receive the max amount of points(see attached and below):

Did student identify what concept he/she found most important from module?

How well did student articulate why he/she found this concept most important?

How well did student explain how he/she will apply the concept?

How well did student properly apply concept?

SUBSTANCE: How well did student use tone and words to convey thoughts?

MECHANICS: How well did student apply active voice and the rules of grammar throughout this assignment?

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