Garlic & Vinegar Narrative Significance Of Verse In Pearl Shirt Re-encountered

You will need to write two pages (double-spaced) on what you see as the major argument(s) that the author proposes in relation to a topic, a set of issues, texts, and/or a figure in Chinese literary culture. Present your summary as objectively as possible. You may not be able to cover every point that the author makes, but focus on the ones that you think are particularly noteworthy or interesting. To the extent possible in two pages, structure your discussion as an introduction, body, and conclusion rather than as a list of bullet points.

The Dual Meanings of Poetic Interludes Secondary Scholarship: Mei Chun, “Garlic and Vinegar: The Narrative Significance of

Verse in “The Pearl-Shirt Reencountered”,”Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 31 (2009), pp. 23-43

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