Geology Hazard Essay on Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Flood in 1993

Needs to Include following points.

 Name and describe your topic. What is it, when did it happen, and where did it take place? You must include a map or visual representation of where it occurred.

 How and why did it occur? What is the science behind it? Why did it happen? Was this a specific hazard related to just one location or does it occur elsewhere? Had it happened before or was it completely unexpected?  Who was affected? Who was impacted by this event and how? What sort of problems did this present?

 What can be done about this type of event/hazard? How do people attempt to mitigate the risks associated with this type of hazard?

 What sources did you use? You must include a list of references (a minimum of two unique sources are required).

2 pages minimum and 4 pages Maximum. Double Space.

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