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Hi All–both classes,

The discussions featured below can be listened to from remote. You can either listen to them live, each one has the information as to when it goes live, or listen to the replay. It takes 24 hours after the presentation for the replay to be available. Go to I would like each of you, in both classes, to listen to two of these presentations, your choice, and write a five page paper on one of them.Also, write a short one paper over-view of the second one you listened to. Papers are due the week of October 8/9. If you have a problem the Asia Society phone number is

1-212-886-4000 option 6. Explain you are a student at Monmouth University who was assigned to listen to xxxxx program. They are very helpful. You may also want to get onto their email list. Most programs and exhibits are wonderful and as you can hear the replay on almost all of them, it is well worth getting the emails detailing what is coming up.

As to the paper, I would like you assessment of the speaker’s attitude toward the topic, information as to how they validate their information, and whether you agree with them or not–and why. I encourage you to go into some of the information sites on the syllabus, and to press releases and news reports on the net which focuses on the topic, region, or country.

Remember, you must be news Junkies–The Economist, NPR (National Public Radio), The New York Times ($5 a month on line for students), Fox News and to counter balance– either CNN or MSNBC,

also al Jazeera, and either the Moscow Times or TASS News Agency. Remember, these last three all have a bias, which is fundamental for you to not only be aware of but understand why. English editions on the net. The NY Times also has a bias reflecting the liberal population of a city of 9 million people, 40% of which are immigrants, with 180 languages spoken, multi-ethnic, multiple religions and a population indifferent to other’s personal choices. To counter balance the Times, you may chose a paper from a conservative state in the middle of the country or in the south. Your choice. YOU MUST BE INFORMED! You must look at all sides of all issues and draw your own conclusions. Think! You are the future of this country and you must have ALL the information. Scan these daily, as many as you can. It may take half an hour, but it is for the class, consider it homework.

See you next week. contact me on campus email:

If you have trouble opening the Asia Society email listed below, go into and enter: coming up

Professor Furgason

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