Grade 2 Writing Proficiency Portfolio Template

Learning Activity 2 Instructions

Portfolios can supplement grades and show supporting evidence of a learner’s achievement and growth. You will create a portfolio, establish rubric(s), and create a rating form. The portfolio must be created for a particular group of students in an authentic context.

Ideas for topics may include the following: math problem-solving ability, geography map skills, science problem-solving ability, writing proficiency, etc.

Complete the template below. Refer to the Learning Activity 2 Grading Rubric for explanations of each section. Refer to your textbook (Chs. 9-10) for additional information about Portfolios. Be sure to include a title page in current APA format.

Portfolio Template

Grade level and subject:

Educational purpose of portfolio:

Written directions provided for your students:

Categories and specific items students are to include in their portfolio:

Rubric for assessing portfolio:

Rating form:

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