Group Counseling For ESL Students Paper

The proposal should address a counseling need typical (or atypical if justified) of a school counseling setting. This will be informed by a culmination of course and EG activities, course and outside readings, personal and professional experiences and 10 scholarly references. You should describe an issue of importance to you and your professional school counseling career goals. Students are encouraged to explore educational or therapeutic groups

a. Present a rationale for the group. Conceptualize the problem or issue by describing some possible contributing factors, and paradigm shifts that may be needed. (make up a more specific case scenario about a group of ESL students, who struggle with English language that affect academic performance)

b. Describe the specific population (e.g. high school students, ESL student who just immigrant, first language is not English )

c. Present your group screening processes

d. Include a review of the relevant professional literature related to your group and/or group counseling.

e. Describe a hypothetical yet possible group counseling solution that applies your knowledge and the best practices from the available research and theoretical literatures.

f. Present how you will organize the group counseling sessions. A group format that allows for about 8 to 10, 40-minute sessions should be adequate. For each session, describe the activities in relation to group developmental stages, and goals that will be employed. Please include potential problems that may arise (i.e. scheduling conflicts, resistance from teachers, health care providers, parents even members) and ways you might address these issues.

g. Present evaluation criteria.

Please cover each of the require outlines from a through g.

For the format of the paper, please write the case scenario first. write each of the requirement under the letter. For example:

c. Present your group screening processes

answer: the processes is XYZ

d. Include a review of the relevant professional literature related to your group and/or group counseling

answer: according to the article XYZ

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