Group Work Project Composition

Read the following the scenario and complete the HIGHLIGHTED area on the chart.

You have recently been hired as a district-level technology director for a school system with 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school employing 489 full time teachers and serving approximately 7,400 students—45% of whom are considered economically disadvantaged as reported by the latest state report card. While there is room for improvement, literacy and numeracy scores are quite high. Classrooms throughout the district have been standardized with a minimum of 5 desktop computers, an interactive whiteboard, a document camera, an LCD projector, and a teacher’s station that includes a laptop and docking station. Additionally, each elementary school has a computer lab located in the library media center, and the middle and high schools have additional computer labs for scheduled class use.

After visiting several 1:1 districts across the state, your Superintendent has asked you to create a technology committee to research the pros and cons of purchasing devices for each student. He / She has also charged you with determining the best device to purchase given the fact that your district completes standardized tests online. As you collect and analyze the research, including peer reviewed studies, personal interviews, etc., your team will create an implementation plan, including timelines, for digitally converting your district to a 1:1 school system.

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