groups dynamics

IV. Group Analysis Paper

Each student will submit a 5-6-page paper describing and assessing his/her analysis of the group’s dynamics according to the following criteria:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the group
  • stages of the group’s development
  • goals of the group
  • norms (formal and informal) of the group
  • leadership in the group and how it emerged
  • decision making in the group
  • conflicts in the group and how they were resolved or managed
  • communication in the group
  • roles different people played in the process (ex: gatekeeper, harmonizer, etc)

This paper will also include the following personal assessments:

  • your role(s) during group activities and during the creation, development and presentation of the group’s final project
  • an assessment of your role(s) in other groups (current and past)
  • insights into your behavior as a group member and group leader
  • how you will apply these learnings to your behavior in other groups (current and future)

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