Guerrilla marketing in food industry research proposal

Assignment description: write a research proposal (a qualitative – quantitative approach) for research topic is “guerrilla marketing” in food industry.

Tasks to be covered:


originally / insightfulness, and ambition of research problem/issue

Research objective, thesis statement

research question / hypothesis

2.Literature Review/ SecondaryResearch

summary / description of recent research related to the research topic

Logical, systematic structure of the literature review.

Clarity of adopted objectives and the extent to which these are closely related to your research topic.


Evidence of research methodology reading.

Relevance of the research methods for addressing the research objectives.

The stages in the information collection are clearly outlined and rationalised.

A clear outline of the proposed main study sample.

A clear outline of the proposed interpretative and analytic tools.

methods will be used for this research ( 1. Survey , 2. Experiment ) on UBT students


a clear structure of the proposal with headings

accurate use of Harvard referencing system ( in text and reference list )

accurate use of grammar and spelling

accurate cover page format

inclusion of page numbers

Referencing your work:

Harvard referencing is required when using any book, article, journal or online references in the assignment

Plagiarism and cheating:

Your attention is drawn to the University’s stated position on plagiarism. THE WORK OF OTHERS THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE

ATTRIBUTED TO ITS SOURCE (a list of references and bibliography must be submitted).

Ensure that you read through your work prior to submission. For some assignmentstheUniversityPlagiarismdetectionservice‘Turnitin’couldbe used. Action will be taken where a student is suspected of having cheated or engaged in anydishonestpractice.

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