Have you been trying to be healthier in your life?, writing assignment help

Write: Select one prompt below that you most strongly connect with and write your honest reflection in response.

  • Prompt 1: Have you been trying to be healthier in your life? Maybe you are trying to improve eating habits, implement an exercise program, beat an addiction, strike a work/life balance, or simply get enough sleep (to name a few). Identify what you would like to do to lead a healthier life. Create a detailed five-step plan that will get you closer to your goal. List your Learning Patterns and describe how each one will allow you to accomplish your goal. How will self-regulation play a role in your success?
  • Prompt 2: Choose one of the activities listed below that interest you. Write a five-step plan that will allow you to advance your skills and knowledge as they relate to your chosen activity. List your Learning Pattern scores and describe how you will self-regulate your Learning Patterns to accomplish your goal.
    • Baking
    • Gardening
    • Video gaming
    • Fixing up cars
    • Photography
    • Writing a novel
  • Prompt 3: The average person has between 20-25 life roles! Prior to completing this journal, take a moment to brainstorm and list all the roles that you have in your life. Aside from more common life roles like parent, spouse, and caregiver be sure to also include any tedious roles you may perform for your friends and family such as dog walker, dishwasher, family cook, and child chauffeur. Then, circle your top five roles. The top five roles are the ones you cannot change, do not want to change, or that you love. For your journal, list out your top five roles. Then explain how your Learning Patterns help you to fulfill the duties for each life role. Next, analyze and explain how you could self-regulate your Learning Patterns in order to better balance your responsibilities.

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